Expedition Corps



 Jochen Werne – Expedition Leader

Dr.  Marco Schroeter – Chief Safety Officer – CFO & COO


Dr. Oliver Picht – Navigator & Chief Documentation Officer


Bernd Görgner – Medical Officer & Decksmaster

Linden Blue – Chief Communications Officer

Dr. Benon Z. Janos – Chief Meteorologist & Environmental Initiatives Coordinator


Dr. Wolfgang Händel – Logistics Officer


Hans Axtner – Boatswain & Master of Ceremonies


Michael Melnick – Chief

David Gamba – Quartermaster Chief Observer



Wolf Kloss -Skipper

Karl Papenfuss – Mate





The OnShore Team is vital for the success of the expedition and without a professional team on land coordinating the communication with the Expedition Corps, authorities, press and supporters the operation could not take place

Commander Bernd Lehmann (ret.) M.A. – Chief Historian


Bernard d’Alessandri – Chief Representative of the Principality of Monaco


Prof. Dr. Alexander Decker – Chief Digital Communications Officer


Bernard Sealy – Chief Liaison Officer to Great Britain and the Commonwealth


Dr. Olivier Blanchard – Chief Liaison Officer to France and Monaco


Dr. Michael Schüllermann – Chief Shore Coordinator



Stefano Malvestio – Chief Liaison Officer to Italy

Roman Vladimirovic Maslov – Chief Liaison Officer to the Russian Federation and Belarus



Andreas Adam – Chief Liaison Officer to Austria and Hungary


Götz Credé – Chief Liaison Officer to Belgium, Denmark and The Netherlands


Roberto Rodriguez – Chief Liaison Officer to Argentina, Chile and Spain

Maximino Gomez Alvarez – Chief Liaison Officer to Cuba


Joni Antero Koskiniemi – Chief Liaison Officer to Finland

Frederick W. Newcomb – Chief Liasion Officer to the United States of America


Sebastian Bousseljot – Chief Liaison Officer to the Czech Republic, Ecuador and India


Oliver Zoeller – Chief Aerial Observation Officer


Muhamad Said Chahrour – Chief Liaision Officer to the Middle East

Christian Esposito – Chief Relationship Officer


Jens Oppermann – Chief Strength & Condition Coach


Dr. Gottfried Feuchtgruber – Onshore Medical Officer