Dr. Benon Z. Janos

Chief Meteorologist & Environmental Initiatives Coordinator


TEAM MEMBER since: 2017
SEA AREAS: Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea

Benon will serve as the Meteorology Officer on board Expedition Antarctic Blanc and is responsible for all weather advisory on board. He will analyze wind and weather forecasts 400 miles away from the next coastline in the middle of the Drake passage. This is a region where it is normal that you find normal sea conditions and snowstorms with 11 Bft of wind within the hour.

In addition to that Dr. Janos is responsible for the coordination of Expedition’s environmental initiatives like the support of  the UN #CleanSeas initiatives and together with Dr. Melnick for the coordination of all scientific initiatives in connection with Expedition Antarctic Blanc.

Meet the Expeditions Meteorology Officer Dr. Benon Z. Janos in writing to benon@janos.de