CHILE: A letter from the Dirección de Antártica

It is with pride to be able to display different letters arrived from the Administration of the President of the Republic of Chile and the Dirección de Antártica coming together with the formal approval to lay a wreath – created from ice – in the name of Chile during our commemoration ceremony in the Antarctic.

We are grateful and we will act accordingly


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Dear Seniores:
Regarding your letter dated September 18, 2017, about the “Antarctic Blanc” expedition, which aims to commemorate all the expeditionaries and navigators who, since its discovery, have progressively contributed to raising awareness of the importance of the Continent Antarctic, I am pleased to state that Chile has no objection to the laying of an ice offering, on behalf of Chile, at the commemoration ceremony that it plans to develop soon, as long as it is done in full respect of the provisions of the Treaty. Antarctic and its Protocol on Protection of the Antarctic Environment (Madrid Protocol).


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Dear Mr. Werne:
Along with greeting him, we acknowledge receipt of the presentation he made to the Presidential Cabinet of the Republic of Chile, where he requests authorization to perform a symbolic ceremony with an ice crown in the name of our country.
In this regard, in order to take cognizance of the above, we have referred your presentation to the Office of the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, which within the framework of its faculties and competencies will provide a direct response.

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Jochen Werne
Leader of the Antarctic Blanc Expedition
Of our greater consideration:
By special order of the President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, it is acknowledged receipt of your presentation, dated September 18, 2017, sent through the Presidential System of Management and Correspondence (SIGOB) to this Ministry of External relationships.
In this regard, a letter of reply from Serior Julia Mendez was attached.
Olave, Director of Antarctica of this Secretary of State, dated 22 of the current.




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