Expedition Antarctic Blanc supports Marine Science

It has been an honour for the Team of Expedition Antarctic Blanc to support the precious research work of leading Marine Scientists in the field of Metabarcoding of Zooplankton and we hope that we were able to give our modest contribution to this important field of Marine Science

VIDEO IMPRESSIONS on Expedition Antarctic Blanc’s support of UConn’s and Northeastern University’s project about

“Zooplankton Biodiversity in the Western Antarctic Peninsula region”

Project responsibles:
Ann Bucklin (Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut)
Dan Distel (Ocean Genome Legacy, Northeastern University)

Expedition ANTARCTIC BLANC (www.AntarcticBlanc.com) has set sail on 12th February 2018 on the 66-foot yacht Santa Maria Australis in Puerto Williams (Chile). The destination was the Western Antarctic Peninsula region, one of the fastest-warming places on Earth.

#Zooplankton samples has been collected for genetic analysis by metabarcoding (DNA sequencing of unsorted samples for a “DNA barcode” gene region). DNA from each sample will be archived at the Ocean Genome Legacy Center (https://www.northeastern.edu/ogl/).

Metabarcoding allows rapid assessment of the zooplankton assemblage and pelagic food web, and better understanding of ecosystem responses to climate change.

Pre expediton source of text has been adapted to actual results: https://marinesciences.uconn.edu/2018/01/25/zooplankton-biodiversity-in-the-western-antarctic-peninsula-region/

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