The Global Offshore Sailing Team sailed up to the most Southerly partially ice-free place of this planet – the ANTARCTIC continent. The international team will remember all sailors who bravely explored and fought in this fragile and dangerous environment.

With this Expedition a platform of intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange for ANTARCTIC enthusiasts such as Historians, Environmental Scientists, Sailors, NGO’s, Navies, Associations or just out of personal interest has been created.



Historical Research

During the first leg of Expedition ANTARCTIC BLANC, the Global Offshore Sailing Team will sail in the tradition of a number of past and well renown Antarctic discoverers and researchers from the most Southern Point of South-America – the famous CAPE HORN south, passing 60° South, entering ANTARCTICA


Following the spirit of Expedition Arctic Ocean Raptor – which was greatly supported by Your Majesty King Harald V of Norway and the Government of Canada in 2016, Expedition Antarctic Blanc will set sails on February 12, 2018 on a 66ft ketch in Puerto Williams, Chile. It will pass Cape Horn heading South through the fearsome Drake Passage to the Antarctic continent.

At the place where many explorers set their first footstep, we will hold a commemoration ceremony to keep history alive and to support the international awareness for preserving Antarctica as natural reserve. 

 Environmental Research

The aim of this expedition is to commemorate conjointly the explorers and sailors who set foot on the Antarctic continent to discover and made us all aware how beautiful and equally important this ecosystem and its protection for our planet is.

Sailing to  the most Southern reachable, point on Planet Earth. Public awareness about the significance of the Antarctic ecosystem will be raised.