Hans Axtner

Boatswain & Master of Ceremonies

SEA AREAS:  Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Following the spirit of Expedition Arctic Ocean Raptor – which was greatly supported by His Majesty King Harald V in 2016, Expedition Antarctic Blanc will set sails on February 12, 2018 on a 66ft ketch in Puerto Williams, Chile. It will pass Cape Horn heading South through the fearsome Drake Passage to the Antarctic continent.

At the place where many explorers set their first footstep, we will hold a commemoration ceremony to keep history alive and to support the international awareness for preserving Antarctica as natural reserve.

Responsible for the organisation, coordination and protocol procedures in the Antarctic is the Master of Ceremonies.

He will prepare  the event together with the Expedition Chief Historian in coordination with the different countries actively involved.

Meet the Expeditions Boatswain & Master of Ceremonies Hans Axtner directly by  writing to mailto:Hans-Axtner@t-online.de

On Sea as Boatswain he’s responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the ship’s rigging, shipboard cargo handling equipment, boats and small craft.

The range of his responsibilities and supervisory duties is wider than in most other seagoing occupations. Their primary responsibilities are to:

  • Operate and maintain shipboard equipment associated with cargo handling and inter-ship transfers of personnel, fuel, and materiel while at sea

  • Operate and maintain the ship’s equipment for such tasks as anchoring, towing, launching and recovering  boats, and surface rescue operations

  • Operate and navigate small craft in all waters

  • Perform required tasks with ship’s rigging and lifesaving Equipment

  • Plan, organize and conduct drill and ceremonies

  • Coordinate watch keeping duties at sea and in harbour